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Day November 15, 2007

And the winner is ….. Again!

It was nice to meet Phil Woodgate and some of his colleagues again.My conversations of the evening have been focused around my changing attitude toward the accounting profession, and I was quite surprised to find that most of my conversation partners agreed with me on my assessment of the "backward looking profession" and it's damaging effect on very small business, which has been a constant source of concern for me in the past few years.... I for one, would prefer to live in London, where we can get up in the morning and have a smile about a serious point made the "Boris Way", rather than being embarrassed and upset by an intolerable and arrogant Mayor, who clearly does not understand even the basics of the problems we face in the future, a trait he shares with many in his party, especially when it comes to micro- and small business issues.All in, I enjoyed last evening immensely and thank AccountancyAge for putting up a great show.

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