And the winner is ….. Again!

Aaa-2After a long night at the AccountancyAge Awards 2007, I’m very happy to announce that Goodman-Jones have won the prestigious award for “Best use of Internet: Practice” again, for the second year running. It has to be said it was a close race with the other two contenders for the title. It was nice to meet Phil Woodgate and some of his colleagues again.

My conversations of the evening have been focused around my changing attitude toward the accounting profession, and I was quite surprised to find that most of my conversation partners agreed with me on my assessment of the “backward looking profession” and it’s damaging effect on very small business, which has been a constant source of concern for me in the past few years. Hence WinWeb’s complete change in it’s way to market. I had no idea that my views on this are so well known in the profession – with obvious little effect, of cause – which kind of proves my point.

The attraction of the evening was Boris Johnsonhopefully our new mayor for London, I certainly wish him every success – with his as usual very “eloquently” put points about the state London is in. Having had the pleasure to hear him speak, make his points, there is no question in my mind, that he is the right man for the job. Some of you might say, “that is not difficult, after what Ken Livingstone has done in the past years”! While that is true, I feel we would get back to some sensible ideas, like our London buses, what was wrong with the route master busses(?), or why is Ken spending Londoners money on a space program?

Although, Boris was not that dismissive about the space program, since it included the possibility of shooting Ken into space, clearly one of the more “realistic” policies Boris would follow, if voted into office! IMO, his manifesto is getting better and better. That is of cause if we are talking about a one-way ticket to ride, Boris?

I for one, would prefer to live in London, where we can get up in the morning with a smile on our faces, about a serious point made the “Boris Way”, rather than being embarrassed and upset by an intolerable and arrogant Mayor, who clearly does not understand even the basics of the problems we face in the future, a trait he shares with many in his party, especially when it comes to micro- and small business issues.

All in, I enjoyed last evening immensely and thank AccountancyAge for putting up a great show. ST.

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