Identify your most valuable customers and don’t make them scream.

I have mentioned the 80/20 rule before, it basically says that you will do about:

80% of your business turnover with 20% of your customers.

Everyone in your small business should know these 20% of your customers by name, so when they call you can give them the “special” treatment they deserve. Often you will hear people say, “you need to scream the loudest to get things done”, many of you 20% customers will not scream, they will leave.

Knowing these customers by name, giving them top priority in terms of service and courteous professionalism is essential, to build your business in the long run. Make your business the business, where your customers don’t have to scream, but just phone and feel treated special, because that is what they deserve.

Your reward for this kind of service is a loyal customer and word of mouth marketing you could not pay for. ST.

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