Data Protection the Government Way!

The UK government has lost 25 million data records of people in the UK, the whole episode is a flagrant violation of the Data Protection Act, and it is not the first time this happened. In this year alone the following “accidents” have happened:

  • November 2007 – HMRC sent a disk with 15,000 Standard Life customers from Newcastle to the insurance, the disk never arrived;
  • October 2007 – another computer from HRMC worker was stolen with hundreds of peoples personal data;
  • November 2007 – BBC’s Watch Dog uncovered a string of mistakes made by HMRC causing personal details to be sent to the wrong people;
  • April 2007 – HRMC documents found in Nottingham containing sensitive information.

And these are only the cases we know about. Mr Darling is, in good old Labour fashion, clinging to his post, despite allegations that the government lacks “basic competence”! Combine this with the Capital Gains Tapper Relief and Northern Rock debacle and you get a pretty clear picture of the competence of this government.

Watching Mr Darling defending any of these debacles beggars belief and leaves me speechless. Mr. Darling should resign, NOW. ST.

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