Are we really that dysfunctional?

A few days ago a colleague sent me a newspaper cutting from the The Times, a piece written by Sathnam Sanghera, his title for this piece

Remote Working? It’s expensive, it’s lonely and there is no going back.

He is talking about remote working, so not quite running you small business from home, but the point he is making is just as relevant to the home business owner. I have written about this before and I absolutely disagree with his conclusion:

“…. But the truth is that remote working has driven me insane. And my advice to anyone considering it is to resist. Avoid Starbucks, avoid the Business Lounge, avoid home. Work in the office like normal people have done for decades. Otherwise you will end up like me, writing this at 2am, dressed in furry pyjamas, a pair of bunny ears flopping dementedly about your head.”

I have now been working from home for over eight years and so have all my colleagues, it certainly has not driven any of us insane and we show non of the other symptoms either. What really worries me about this is the question are we really that dysfunctional? Do we really need an office to have a social life?

When you look at the fact that humans have been working from home for thousands of years, you realise that working from home is the norm, not working from an office. ST.

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