Q&A: Free or Paid For Webhosting?

I think it is clear that all businesses today – big or small – need a website, which has to be hosted. You will find some options here, you can go for the free hosted website or you can can go to a web-hosting company and pay for the service.

Nothing in live is free – so the “free” hosted website will be advertising financed. Maybe you do not care that your website is full of ads for other and sometimes competitive services, than you could consider this option.

If however you want the visitor to read and concentrate on your products and services you need a website without distractions, i.e. advertising. A website is like a billboard, you have 20 – 30 seconds to get someone interested in your services, if they get distracted by ads for 20 seconds, you’re left with 10 max. – I guess you can do the math yourself. There are many web-hosting companies out there who give you good value for money, or you could use WinWeb’s – All you need to run your business! offer.

In my opinion free web-hosting on the above basis is no option for a serious small business owner. ST.

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