Small Business Checklist: Staff Training Opportunities

I think I have written at length about customer service and how important it is to the success of your small business. Customer service has also to do with knowledge about your products and services, personal development and training is essential to reach this goal.

However, if you think that training is costly, think again. I have compiled some low cost training options for you:

Suppliers – they often run in-house training programs, it is good for them too;
DIY-Training – run in-house training yourself, do case studies;
Experts – if you employ in-house experts, use them for training others too;
Product Testing – get free test product and have hands-on time for your staff;
Literature – start a library for your firm and give staff time to read;
Internet – encourage the use of the Internet to find information;
Volunteer – get staff to volunteer for charity, school or other work, it’s very educational;
Training Grants – often grants are available for training, get informed.

With good customer care and product proficiency your business will convert more customer enquiries into revenue generating business. Training will motivate your staff and help you to be a pro-active and up-to-date supplier for your clients. ST.

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