Micro Business, Recession and Exporting.

The last couple of days you could follow what can only be described as a panic on the world stock markets. The markets tumbled between five to ten per cent or even more. The trigger for this is the mortgage crisis in the US and the UK.

One further problem our countries face are unprecedented levels of foreign trade-deficids.

As a micro business or small business owner you might say, hey what am I to do about this? Well as so often the is nothing you can do about this alone, but remember small business accounts for more than 50% GDP and that is something to consider. Yet small business is not having the same impact when it comes to exporting.

Exporting is something we should all consider, especially in times like this, because it could seriously help to weaken any economic slowdown or even a recession in our countries. There are companies who will help you to set up or do business abroad, like WinWeb.

If you are wondering what you can do to help your business and your country, think exporting. ST.

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