Small Business Startup Idea: Copy Writing

Not only I, but others are always looking looking for cleverly written copy, for their ads and other marketing material. Should you have these skills, you are in demand, especially if you have experience in this area too.

Skills needed: Excellent writing skills, past experience in advertising, copy writing or related.

Business Environment and Set-up Cost: You can run this business from home, you’ll need a computer, internet, telephone, dictionary and you’ll be in business. Even if you have non of these items, $2,000.00 / £ 1,000.00 / € 1,500.00 should get you started, have a look at second hand equipment.

Marketing Techniques:

  • Online newsgroups and discussion forums related to marketing;
  • Cleverly designed signature file for email, forums and other public communication;
  • Do some free work to get reference clients, to be used on your
  • Web-site, blog and newsletters;
  • Develop as many links to your website as possible, especially in the marketing arena.

Complimentary business idea: To earn additional money you could offer design or pr-agency services.

Notes: You can work internationally. However, you will have to make sure you are familiar with the cultural differences to your target market.

Online Examples:

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