Small Business Start-Up Idea – Newsletter Developer

The electronic newsletter is now a very commonly used marketing tool for most businesses with an online presence due to their usefulness in building brand awareness. Many businesses choose to use someone from outside the company to manage their newsletter for a fee. Distribution can vary in frequency from daily to monthly, therefore the amount of work you will have can vary depending on the needs of the client.

Skills needed: You will need previous experience in writing copy professionally as you will need to be able to deliver a clear message using only a few words. Basic skills in web publishing are also necessary.  

Business environment and set-up cost: Newsletters can be translated and published in multiple languages so there is global potential.  You are unlikely to make much money from this career unless hired to write for someone else as most newsletters are given away as promotional tools and the only revenue stream they generate comes from sponsorship or click-through advertising. The cost to start up this business will vary, depending on how much computer equipment you already own, from very little to around £3000.  

Marketing Techniques:  

  • Include your clickable logo on all client newsletters if possible
  • Try and arrange a reciprocal link scheme with your clients, so that their websites are linked to you and you to them
  • Become actively involved in forums and newsgroups related to online advertising
  • Add your website address to directories related to mailing lists and marketing
  • Create your own impressive newsletter that you can send out to prospective clients which details the services you offer and how it could help their business
  • Use OnlineOffice to set up web-site, blog and online shop to promote your business online

Complimentary business ideas: You could use newsletter development in conjunction with other online marketing techniques to offer full service to clients  

Notes: It is important to respect the regulations relating to e-mail, especially in respect of privacy laws. These vary worldwide so you will need to become familiar with the rules in your country. Payment for your services is normally half up front and then half at the end of a campaign (which normally lasts six months to a year).  

Online examples & resources:  

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