Small Business Start-Up Checklist – Time Management

Once you begin trading you will soon find that having a well-organised business is made far easier when using time management techniques.  

Things to remember:  

  • Having a defined structure to your working life will undoubtedly reduce your overall stress
  • Take advantage of the quiet period which often exists in the early days of trading to write a complete list of everything which must be done
  • Begin by listing everything the business owns and what needs to be done to keep it maintained
  • Next, focus on office operations that keep the business functioning e.g. ordering stationary and paying electric bills
  • Consider other aspects of the business such as marketing, finance and production
  • Some large tasks may need to be broken down into their component parts in order to make them easier to complete
  • Write your schedule on a calendar in your workplace
  • Check your progress weekly – if you are struggling to keep up then it is possible that you need to hire an employee or outsource some of your business functions
  • If you are initially too busy to write a plan, instead keep a brief activity log. At some stage you can review this log and identify changes you could make that would make your business more efficient
  • Always remember that ultimately your health and well-being is the number one priority during the stressful period of opening your business

This is the final part of the Small Business Start-Up Checklist. For previous stages look here  

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