Darling And Brown Still Avoiding The Issues!

I don’t want to bore you with the latest details of the series of “too little and too late” government measures to get this financial crisis under control.

As I write these lines the Darling(-)Brown duo are answering or more to the point avoiding the questions of the press. For small business the crucial questions were:

By the BBC correspondent: “What is the government doing to make sure that these funds are used to give the needed credit lines to small business?” The answer was about not taking the banks into public ownership???? In other words there are no measures in place to assure small business is going to benefit from all these measures, spending the taxpayers money. the government is spending this money to bail out the very people who got us into this mess – the bankers and their shareholders. This is clearly not about small business and homeowners.

The Sky correspondent asked Mr. Brown, if he was going to apologize to the taxpayer for allowing this crisis to develop under his “leadership”? He does not accept this, and he did not want to talk about these issues right now, since it was “a time to look forward”! Furthermore there is no plan B, if this does not work.

We are in deep trouble, the dangerous personal indicators of arrogance, incompetence and inadequacy are all to visible. As small businesses, we need to find different ways of dealing with this crisis.

If you want stability – maybe a new government would be what will help us to find some trust again. — ST.

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