£4billion, just another ‘Darling Promise’?

The European Investment Bank could(!) make £4bn available to help small business in the UK. – and hat is the good news.

The bad news is that this money will disappear down the same black hole as all the other billions of taxpayers money – the High Street banks. As we all know from the media, the housing market is still being squeezed. Banks behaving unethical to the point of criminal, IMO, when they repossess homes after one month of default or a credit card debts of £1000 as was reported in the press the other day.

When will people realize that this mess is the fault of the High Street banks and the government. Small business and the taxpayers are suffering and paying the price for the creed of these people. At least some bankers have been sacked, when will Brown go, he presided over this mess. I have been told some people actually believe Brown/Darling are doing a good job – we are doomed. Enough people have been warning him and others for years about the level of debts. I’m sorry to say that the mainstream media is failing the public once again, by not hounding the government for these failings.

I do about two hours of customer care each day, and it has never been so depressing as it is at the moment, when you have to listen to clients who are close to tears and telling you stories of cancelled overdrafts, called in loans and then when they want to speak with anyone at the bank, nobody has even the decency to take their calls. These are the people who are going to help small business?

I always knew it – “Cows can really fly!” — ST

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