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WinWeb posted this earlier on our WinWeb Blog and I thought my readers here would benefit from it too, so here it is:

cloud_computing_large.jpgCloud Computing‘ is in the media everywhere these days. What does is mean and how is it going to help your small business or home business?

WinWeb has been providing Cloud Computing for over ten years now and the benefits are as multifaceted as the technology itself. Here are the basic benefits how we at WinWeb see them:

There are many other names for this kind of online and on-demand technology, such as Software as a Service also known as SaaS technology, or Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, we still call our applications ‘Web Applications’. Then there is still an ASP – Application Service Provider model, were suppliers host normal desktop applications on their servers, because they do not have the online technology needed to create real web applications, this is usually a very expensive way of doing things.

If you don’t get all these benefits, why change your software? Moving business processes forward should not end by putting the same old software online, it should help you to run your small home business better, while at the same time providing easy to use solutions, leaving you free to follow your entrepreneurial vision – then and only then is it really ‘Cloud Computing’.


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