Small Business Blog Roundup – 27/11/2008

Here are some of my favourite small business blog posts from around the world by some of my favourite small business blogs:

  • Web Worker Daily writes about finding work on the web, could not be more topical if you tried in these times. Samuel talks about ‘sideline jobs’, or what I call a business ‘on the side’.
  • Shama has one of my favorites this week with ‘101 Ways to Rock and Be Rocked by Twitter’ – I was rocked – great post if you ever wanted to know what twitter is all about.
  • Small Biz Labs has a wonderful collection of links around coworking, ever wanted to work in an office and take your kids to work every day, then have a look.
  • Tom Lindstrom has also some useful information about twitter, a little video on how to set up a professional profile, I did have a look.
  • Teresa Morrow – eMoms at Home – gives you five ways to cannibalize your business. Go and read and then chew it up.
  • Worst Economic Crisis Since The Great Depression: Who’s To Blame? This is a long rant, but it is a good rant.
  • Can I Start A Business? – John has taken to answering questions of his readers, the way to go.
  • Jason talks about who small business owners trust more their accountants or their bank managers? Go on – have a guess.
  • Kathie is wondering if she is becoming a hermit? Last time we meet, she wasn’t!

That is it for this week, next week I’ll let you know again what I found and liked in the small business blogging scene. To all my American readers ‘Happy Thanksgiving’. — ST.

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