Social Networking is the New Sales & Outsourcing for Small Business.

Using social networking sites for small business is as essential as being able to write an invoice in todays largely online based economy. It will help you to extent your business network and provide for two important business functions all at the same time:

  • Outsourcing – by networking you will get to know peoples skills, see their previous work, work with them on a per project basis and with that timeshare professionals;
  • Sales & Marketing – by networking you will find new clients, offer advice, become a trusted business partner and make money.

You always need to take care when doing business online, but you can get references from others, see their work and work out a payment plan, based on completion stages of the project.

Here are the social networking tools I use the most:

  • LinkedIn – it’s a business social network with over 30 million users.
  • twitter – is about micro-blogging and has over 2.5 million users.

I also use facebook, but have not made much off it so far. I only have limited time, so I focus on the best social networks for me.

Why not sign up today and join me and millions of others in the new and fast developing social networking business environment. –ST.

UPDATE 2008-12-10: If you want some proof have a look at this on – a social network.

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