I’m a PC, I’m a MAC, but Should Small Business Care?

Ever seen these silly TV ads Apple and Microsoft are running currently? The ones where normal looking people proclaim to be PCs or Macs?

What really worries me is that Microsoft displays a lack of small business and home business understanding on a massive scale. Are they really saying small business should care?

For 1 to 10 person businesses nothing is more important than to focus on business aims alone to succeed. Getting sidetracked with IT issues is the last thing you should do. When will these large corporations finally understand, that home businesses and small businesses are not like mid-size or large businesses with IT departments.

IT needs to be transparent, in the background sort of speak, for micro businesses. When Steve Ballmer proclaims that micro businesses or SOHO businesses are the most under-serviced IT market sector he that there is a reason for this. His and Microsoft’s corporate approach to these businesses is not what is needed.

Joe, the plumber, is not going to instal a SQL server in is workshop. This statement is not belittling Joe, the plumber, but Microsoft, for their nearsighted and simplistic view of the small business world.

As a small business owner you should not care about PCs, MACs or Linux/Unix PCs, all you should care about is running your business. Today real cloud computing is your way forward, not some half thought through IT concept, primarily designed to support ailing software technology & concepts for a few more years.

There are a multitude of benefits of ‘real‘ cloud computing technology, that makes focusing on your business easy. Especially during these difficult economic times – business focus is essential.

You are you, and not a PC or a MAC, your business needs YOU and not a PC or a MAC. — ST.

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