Recession Is Test Of Character

Mr Brown continues to ‘lecture’ the British public about the recession/depression he has helped to create, for which he should take full responsibility.

In a further attempt he cynically demands from the public ‘to work together’ to get through this economic downturn. He even asserts that this recession is a ‘test of character’ – to instill stubborn nationalistic feelings of being in this together with him as a leader.

IMO, if this recession is a test of character, then Mr. Brown failed it years ago. He as, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has been warned for years about the impending credit crunch, housing bubble to name but a few. A man of character and knowledge would have acted then, but we all know he did nothing. You can take your pick why, he didn’t understand what was happening or he understood it and did nothing.

My personal pick of these two options is irrelevant, because in both cases he has failed on a massive scale and should show some character and resign now.

His attempt to get this country into even more debt is shocking and extremely dangerous for our economy. Even the usually, at least ‘overtly’ politically benign clergy of this country seem to rebel against Mr. Browns disastrous ‘rule’.

Mr Brown, we do not need consumption – we need innovation and investment. — ST.

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