Book Review: Spare Room Start Up by Emma Jones

2830d597-803a-4348-a211-8b5db02d3479.jpg I have known Emma for a while and know of her infectious passion for home businesses first hand. When she told me she had written a book about starting and running a home business I asked here for a copy to read and review it here for my readers.

Emma also runs Enterprise Nation, a web site dedicated to home business, a great resource for anyone owning a home business and, to me at least, a natural extension to her wonderful book.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • I. Business – finding the right idea, making a plan, sales and marketing, and managing your home business;
  • II. Lifestyle – setting up your home office, balancing work and life commitments, and taking care of yourself;
  • III. Technology – finding the right technology, working away from home, and building a home on the web;
  • Appendices – next steps, glossary, useful links, profiled home businesses, and templates.

In short this book is a must read for anyone starting a home business. In this book Emma shows you how she did it and how you can do it too. At £8.44 it is a cheap investment into your future.

A practical, passionate, down to earth Home Business Must Read – I loved it. — ST.

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