Recession Business Start Up: Micro Business Co-op.

recession.jpg I’m thinking more and more about opportunities for people to start a small business, home business or a self-employed business during this recession/depression or once they lose their jobs.

This afternoon I had this idea as another company was in the news with over 2000 job losses. I thought about what happens when companies go under and it occurred to me that there is still business to be had, when a business fails.

Let us assume you work in one of those businesses, you will know part of the business very well, you may know some customers or how something is manufactured, or something else that was part of what your employer did. Now you and your colleagues are unemployed and you lost your income.

BUT think about it – are you the only party that is suffering here? No you are not – the former customers or clients have lost a supplier too.

So here is my idea, what about if you and some of your colleagues set up small home businesses and formed a little Co-operative and started providing services, like maintenance or upgrades or products to these former clients of your employer? Why not use your knowledge to your advantage?

There are so many opportunities here, if you think about it a little, that you and some of your colleagues could make a good living out of this disaster. You never know – you may be able take more and more of your colleagues into your self-employed co-op. Always remember the bootstrapping principals and you should be fine.

Every cloud has a silver-lining – you just have to look for it. — ST.

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