My Top 5 Small Business Wishes For 2009.

tiero081200165.jpg I guess we all know 2009 is not going to be the easiest year for business and for small businesses in particular, but I firmly believe that there are enough opportunities out there to survive and even to make a profit in 2009, especially for a bootstrapped small- or home business. Not loosing business focus and concentrating on your business goals may be the most important job for small businesses owners in the coming year.

I have compiled my wish-list for small business 2009 and would like to share my top 5 here with you, my list is much longer, but I did not want to unduly bore you on this New Years Eve 2009:

  1. Government Interference – due to the total oversight failure of almost all governments which lead to this credit crunch and economic recession, our representatives will try and get rid of the ‘redness’ in their faces by being seen as doing things, and introduce more red-tape to ‘supposedly’ regulate the markets better. I hope that there is going to be some ‘thinking’ before this happens to minimise the disruption to the running of small business. Red-tape kills small business, prevents innovation and is often ineffective.
  2. Home Business Recognition – I hope that more people (politicians, cilvil servants and others) will learn to understand that a home business, as any other small business, is a real business. It produces work for others, even if it does not employ people. These businesses are very relevant to the global economy and their importance will grow dramatically in the years to come. It is still shocking to me how small the knowledge of micro business is among many.
  3. New Small Business Finance – to enable small business to play a greater part on the way to our economic recovery. This recession will end faster if we manage to help small business to succeed, it will create work and jobs, taxes, and invigorate local communities. Most of all it will create stable small home businesses and deliver self-fulfillment, self-determination and financial independence to the entrepreneurial small business owners.
  4. Tax Cuts To Help Investment – Any lowering in overheads will help small business survive or even turn a small profit. Lowering tax, or giving investment incentives would be better for our economy too. We need to learn to see the whole picture, not only the rewards for hard work, but the hard work too. We need to give incentives to people who are willing to go the extra mile, now more then ever.
  5. 1000 New Companies – As my company, WinWeb, will be 15 years old next year, we want to be instrumental in helping to start over 1000 new businesses, if you are reading this and you are thinking about starting a business come and talk to us, we will help you to get started and you can make us into a winner. Joining us could net you £10,000 as the first price, even if you already have a business.

All left for me to do now, is to wish you a prosperous and profitable 2009. If enough of us get up and make things happen, then 2009 still promises to be a great year for small businesses and an even better year to take the plunge and start your own small- or home business venture.

Ready or not – 2009 here we come. — ST.

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