Business Problem Equals Small Business Opportunity.

broker070100115.jpg As we slip deeper and deeper into this recession/depression one could get the impression that the business opportunities are disappearing. It is easy to fall into this trap with all the media coverage of the credit crunch, housing bubble, job losses and so on. But once you look past this and stop surrendering to the panic and fear you will find that there are many opportunities for small business out there.

In fact it is essential not to give in to this paralyzing fear and re-take control of your life and your business. All fear does, is hide the opportunities that exist out there from your view. The sign of a true entrepreneur is the inability to see problems, an entrepreneur sees only opportunities. I believe that to be true more then anything else about entrepreneurs.

So here it is, business problems equal small business opportunities and big business problems equal big small business opportunities.

Are you an entrepreneur or a worrier, if you are a worrier you are missing the best business opportunities. — ST.

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