IT as bad as Red-Tape for Small Business?

computer_trouble.jpg If you consider that anything that makes the entrepreneur or small business owner lose business focus, you can’t but help to come to the conclusion that IT – Information Technology, computers to you and me, are bad for business.

I can hear you asking, ‘what is he talking about’?

The point is that ‘time’ is the most precious commodity of any entrepreneur or small business owner. Given this fact, does it make sense for you to spend your time setting up computers, networks or even your website? The answer is a resounding NO.

Firstly, not only will you do a bad job, because you are unlikely to have all the necessary skills to do a good job. Not even computer people have all the skills needed for a good IT installation these days, it usually takes a team of specialists to do that.

Secondly, not only have you spent money you shouldn’t have, now you have also spent your time on a non-profit generating activity. You are taking your eyes off the ‘business’-ball, which is something you can’t afford to do, especially in a small business or home business.

This all should make you consider your IT needs and how to get what you need without losing business focus. OnlineOffice and other cloud computing applications are the best way forward for micro-businesses, which is nothing else than a very cost effective way to outsource your IT skills.

When are you taking your business into the clouds, in more than one way? — ST.

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