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Day February 3, 2009

Well Hello 2009 – We Have Been Expecting You!

This is the headline in the Nursery Industry Magazine and on the website, in which WinWeb Gold Partner Jason Holden of Holden Associates Accountants talks about the new year gone and the year ahead. The challenges for small businesses like nurseries are just as in other small business areas. He makes the point that those…

Effective Use Of Technology Better Than Any Tax Break For Small Business.

Roger Trapp of The Independent wrote about how effective use of technology (IT) can be more useful to small businesses than any tax break or incentive by government. In his piece he writes about WinWeb’s OnlineOffice – software and business services to start and run a small business form home or an office – as…

Canada Small Business News Round-up – 2009/02/03

Here is this week’s news round-up for home business, micro business, sole-traders, freelancers, self-employed and any one who is interested in small business news from Canada: Small Businesses, Welcome to the Webless Web: Innovative .tel Service Means Discoverability Without Technical Ability NFIB/Georgia Members Call for Property, Income Tax Relief: Georgia members of the National Federation…

Home Office and Small Business Save Over 75% On Essential IT Spend.

We all understand how online software can bring about a massive saving in IT spend. Using this technology, currently labelled ‘cloud computing’, has other benefits for small business too. Some solutions maximize savings by tailoring their offering to a special market. You can spend £15 /month on accounting software alone or get much much more…

Marketing – Small Business Quote of the Day

A small business quote a day keeps you thinking, inspired and entertained  “Welcome to the new age of datamation – a whole new way to move the prospect to making a purchase, using different strokes for different folks.” Steve Rapp, US advertising executive & co-founder of Rapp Collins, The New Maxi-Marketing (co-written with Thomas L.…

Winter Chaos But For Small Businesses Online It’s Business As Usual.

Yesterday the whole of the UK came to an almost complete standstill, London certainly did, due to the ‘adverse weather conditions’, snow to you and me. While I was sitting in my home office, with a hot cup of tea, I could not tell that anything was wrong, or that people in my business ‘eco-system’…

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