Home Office and Small Business Save Over 75% On Essential IT Spend.

low-price-guarantee.jpg We all understand how online software can bring about a massive saving in IT spend. Using this technology, currently labelled ‘cloud computing’, has other benefits for small business too. Some solutions maximize savings by tailoring their offering to a special market. You can spend £15 /month on accounting software alone or get much much more for 20 % less spend – the savings are out there you just need to look.

You can get a usable online accounting software product for approximately £15 /month or $22 /month – that gives you accounting software only, no money to be earned with that, only cost for red-tape’s sake. With WinWeb’s OnlineOffice you get:

  1. Accounting Software – full tri-ledger version or cash book for the non-bookkeepers or accountants, so you really get two accounting software programs, btw the first fully accredited online accounting software in the UK;
  2. Web Hosting – including web-builder to design your own website, online shop, domain name hosting and blog software – to really put your business on the web and on the map;
  3. Online Data Storage & Backup – 10GB of online disk space for your business, fully backed up 24/7 and you can share your data on the web;
  4. Business Planning – Cash-flow planning, SWOT analysis, and more to help you plan your success before you even start your business, the ideal tool to work out if your business idea can work;
  5. 24/7 Live Support – to help you when you get stuck, during business hours and after business hours;

There is much much more – but the point is that for each of these above features, you are likely to pay more individually, than for all of the above together at £11.90 or $19.95 per month. WinWeb has launched today it’s ‘Low Price Guarantee‘, enabling home office & small business owners to save over 75 % on essential online and offline IT spending – in these times most welcome to most micro business owners. WinWeb can offer these prices because it focuses on 1 to 10 person micro businesses, run from home or a small office, only. To find out more just visit their website at http://www.winweb.com

I’m sure similar examples exist in other areas, you just need to have a look. An added benefit is that everything is integrated for you, no double keying in of information – it just works. If you are not a computer geek and/or you want to concentrate on your business, this will help you to focus on your business objectives and not to get bogged down with distracting IT tasks – making you and your business more productive.

This is a massive saving, it equates in the UK to about £680 saving per year and $1,100 per year in the US. — ST.

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