Free Website For Each Client From Holden Associates

One of our oldest accounting partners Jason Holden from Holden Associates, today announced that they wish to provide each of their clients with a free website, not only the hosting, but a real website free of charge.

Given the fact that about 70% of small and micro businesses, like home businesses, self-employed, sole traders, freelancers and contractors, have no website – this is a great campaign to help small business to get noticed. Or like Jason puts it on his blog:

() …. putting his clients on the web and on the map. ….. ()

I’m very impressed by this and the fact that he is actually going to do this. He shows commitment to his clients in a time when most small and home businesses struggle to make ends meet.

Not all accountants are the same. Currently Jason is in a league of his own – good for him. — ST.

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