IT just as damaging to Home & Small Business As Red-Tape writes the Telegraph.

ScreenSnapz.jpgThe Telegraph Newspaper has today published an interview with me, in which it picks up on the fact that spending your time on IT-information technology chores can be just as damaging for small business as red-tape. These activities are often very time consuming and the business owner loses business focus.

With almost 56% business failure in the first five years it is essential that small business entrepreneurs and home business owners focus on their business goals. Richard White, Director of Bank of Scotland Corporate, says, ” Anything that makes life easier for very small companies is well worth the effort, and it is providing valuable business for WinWeb too.”

WinWeb provides the most cost-effective small business infrastructure – software and business services online to startup and run a small business or home office – by providing on-demand cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS) combining this with ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ business services, from bookkeeping and call handling to trade show organisation.

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