WinWeb OnlineOffice – Most costeffective way to start a home business.

WinWeb is offering a Best Price Guarantee for it’s OnlineOffice product, currently in version five.

Including modules for accounting software, 10GB of online data storage, web hosting including a web builder application, invoicing software, online shop, online payment, over 100 free business ideas inside the home & small business academy, an online calendar and address book, email accounts and a complete business business planning module to get you started.

All of these modules are available for only £11.90 /month plus VAT – this represents a saving of over 75% on IT cost per year.

Best of all WinWeb OnlineOffice comes with 24/7 live support free of charge. Unlike other software vendors WinWeb believes that customer support even after hours is essential for home business and small office owners.

WinWeb’s Assistant and business services complement the WinWeb offering, by allowing for business process outsourcing even for the smallest of businesses. These services include bookkeeping, call handling, mail hold and forwarding to name but a few.

In these times of the economic downturn, it is even more essential that business owners concentrate on their business and not on running their IT infrastructure. Conventional IT, SQL Servers and even popular office products are often overly complicated and over engineered.

WinWeb’s OnlineOffice is THE small office and home business IT infrastructure to beat, in price and in functionality. –ST.

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