WinWeb Helped Over 10,000 Victims Of The ‘Winweb Security’ Malware Virus!

3656824_blog.jpgWhile WinWeb itself is the biggest victim of the ‘winweb security’ malware, it has responded to over 10,000 partly angry and abusive enquiries and sent out information on how to uninstall the malware each time.

Google ‘winweb’ and you can see why is still victimized for the criminal and illegal use of it’s trademark. Even months after the virus has passed and any good anti-virus software can handle this virus, the first page of the google search is putting in damagingly bad company by name association.

WinWeb learned first hand that if you want to hurt your competition, you just spread a virus with your competitors name on it. I am not saying this is what happened here, I have no proof of that, it is still true that the mere name association is extremely damaging. I also do not encourage you to try doing this as it is a criminal offence.

Never the less WinWeb is still helping one or two individuals per week and should you have an issue with the virus, please go to WinWeb’s Website and press the ‘SUPPORT’ button on the left side of your browser window, mention the Winweb Security virus and WinWeb will help you to get rid of the menace.

This however is one reason why SaaS software is often more secure than running software on PCs. Unfortunately Microsoft with it’s windows operating system has been infected by many thousands of viruses over the years, and there is no end in sight. Other operating systems like Apple’s Mac OS X and Linux have done a much better job to keep their customers safe and sound – maybe something to think about, the next time you’re looking for a new computer.

How safe is your computer? Have you checked lately? –ST

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