Five Tips on Using Universities and Colleges to Help Your Business

!cid_CF682DD0-D4EF-4328-A711-50E49F677CDC The top 5 tips weekly post is always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners.


  • Team with the business school to offer work experience to students.
  • Participate in special programs sponsored by the university (e.g. venture capital forums). 
  • Find out what expertise is available from business school staff. You may find a great local consultant.
  • Volunteer to be a business school case study. You will learn a lot about how your company is perceived and may get some good ideas.
  • If you are in the U.S. there are over 50 small business development centers that will give you assistance. Find your nearest at

If you have additional tips, please share them in the comments section.

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