3UK Network Launches Mobile WiFi Router For Mobile OnlineOffice Workers


3Uk are about to release a device which allows you to create your own mobile wifi network – or “MiFi” as 3 calls it.

You may ask, why should I care? Well, working from home or a small office is one thing, but being able to work anywhere with more than one computer is quiet another.

Having a mobile wireless router will allow you to work with a few colleagues on live events, providing a live twitter feed for excample, or using our OnlineOffice on a building site without data connectivity.

Given the right circumstances, this mobile wifi router can be one of the best small business tools you ever invested in, except for WinWeb’s OnlineOffice of cause.

With it’s Skype linkup and other innovative products 3 is certainly one of the more innovative players in the mobile market, good for us and good for them.

Read more about this @ 3mobilebuzz.com

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