Small business world News Round-up – 2009/09/15

Here is this week’s news round-up for home business, micro business, sole-traders, freelancers, self-employed and any one who is interested in small business news from around the world.

US Home & Small Business News Roundup

  • Small business tax hacks: Two bills introduced on Capitol Hill in July aim to revise the tax code and get more money flowing into small business coffers.
  • Insurance Rx: With Democrats and Republicans fighting a death match over health care reform, some small business owners fear that their priorities will get lost in the fray.
  • Finding the Path to Success by Changing Directions: The entrepreneurs of Scale Computing failed at their original venture but switched gears to take advantage of real opportunities.
  • What’s the Deal: Small business owners aren’t the only ones feeling the pinch in this recession. Their clients are too. Meet one entrepreneur who’s wheeling and dealing with his customers so they don’t have to “sweat” the small stuff. (MSNBC
  • Bush Offers Safety Net to Entrepreneurs: The Bush Administration today said it would begin a direct infusion of $250 billion into the American banking system in order to get credit lines flowing again. As part of the plan, “unlimited insurance coverage for non-interest-bearing deposit transaction accounts” will be instituted by the federal government, according to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation statement. The move is seen as direct relief for entrepreneurs using bank-based accounts to cover payroll.

Canada Home & Small Business News Roundup

Australia Home & Small Business News Roundup

  • Aussie start-up execs hit Silicon Valley: The global financial crisis might have tarnished some of Silicon Valley’s lustre, but for many Australian technology entrepreneurs, it hasn’t lost its bright, shiny status. And looking back across the Pacific, Australia’s much-vaunted lifestyle offers little incentive for them to come back
  • South Australian MP considers bill to weed out franchising rouges: South Australian Labor MP Tony Piccolo says he will consider introducing a private members’ bill into South Australian Parliament if Federal Labor Small Business Minister fails to reform the…
  • SME defence companies get access to $20,000 grant: Around 150 small and medium companies in the defence sector will be able to claim a Federal Government grant of up to $20,000 to improve their competitiveness and access new…
  • South Australian MP considers bill to weed out franchising rouges: South Australian Labor MP Tony Piccolo says he will consider introducing a private members’ bill into South Australian Parliament if Federal Labor Small Business Minister fails to reform the Franchising Code.
  • Small business hit as states ignore federal pay freeze: THOUSANDS of small businesses will be forced to pay wages of up to $25 a week higher than the federal minimum wage as a result of state tribunals ignoring a federal pay freeze and awarding rises that employers warn could cost jobs.

India Home & Small Business News Roundup

  • Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, PGDM…: Finance, Marketing, HRM, Operations, Systems, Information Technology, International Business, Management of Services and Entrepreneurship & Small Business. 2. Two Year Full-Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Finance 2010-2012 …
  • Network 18 launches ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine in India:“Entrepreneur is a magazine for India’s small businesses, start-ups, venture funds and financial instititutions. The magazine will offer an in-depth understanding of what an entrepreneur wants and needs : information, …
  • Indian economy growth to taper to 5 percent: India’s economy will grow by at least 5 percent in 2009-10, a Planning Commission member said here Wednesday. ‘We should see at least a 5 percent growth in GDP (gross domestic product) in 2009-10.…. Donald Trump is starting a new business venture check it out…; NoraWilliams Basic Online Chat For Website: I am looking for a basic online chat I can integrate into my small business
  • Life returns to normal in Xinjiang capital : Affected by the public unrest, small businesses in Urumqi were still in doldrums. A shoe shop owner said although there were some customers, the shop’s revenue fell to 1000 yuan a day from over 7000 yuan before the riot. …

UK & Ireland Home & Small Business News Roundup

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  • Equity essential to finance new ventures: Equity rather than debt holds the key to financing the future of the UK’s small business sector, according to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). The association’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) committee claims that economic recovery could be the shining moment for wealthy individuals who put money into early-stage ventures.
  • WinWeb’s OnlineOffice Web Hosting Compatible with Apple iWeb: We are happy to announce that our OnlineOffice web & online shop hosting suite of productivity tools for small business & home businesses, is now compatible with Apple iWeb. Apple’s iWeb, a copyrighted product of Apple Inc, is one of the most popular html editors, site creation and management tools used by millions of people and […]
  • Finding New customers for your small & home business: Finding new customers for your business involves marketing, a concept that many new small business owners are unsure of. Marketing can be a full time job in itself and for this reason can seem overwhelming to someone with little or no experience. WinWeb provides another brief guide of where to start your marketing campaign to help find new customers for your business, re-activate old customers and retain your current customer’s business.
  • 100 Small Business Bootstrapping Truths: Following our “Small Business. Big Ideas” articles about business bootstrapping, we at WinWeb have been busy and collected one hundred small & home business bootstrapping truths. In other words we tell you here how to get money and how not to spend, keeping you in business – here it goes:
  • 3UK Mobile WiFi – Great WinWeb OnlineOffice Add-on: The 3UK Network is about to launch a mobile WiFi router, which makes for a great OnlineOffice add-on.
  • As always this list is not exhaustive, but I hope it will give you a little overview. — ST.
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