Technorati – How relevant is it?


I just received another email from technorati in which they told me that my loyal readers and blogroll entries no longer have any meaning to my blogs technorati ranking.

If you write for an audience like mine, where over 70% of my core readers don’t even have a website, it is very difficult to get anywhere with technorati. Does that make my readers or my blog less relevant. According to technorati it does – well, I beg to differ on this.

I am certain, that not only my blog falls outside of this very narrow band of technology insiders and geeks, which in my opinion makes technorati a useless tool to a large proportion of internet users and bloggers.

On another node, they can’t even pick up blog mentions on none registered blogs, this makes technorati a completely useless and distorting barometer of the blog-sphere.

Still, they want me to spread the “technorati” word for them, while they become more and more useless to me, so I’m sorry, but I have to decline this request for help.

Google ranks by popularity of the post in it’s niche. That appears to be a much more evenhanded approach, even twitter seems more appropriate.

So I guess my opinion is that technorati is no longer relevant! – ST.

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