Bookkeeping Services For WInWeb OnlineOffice Pro Customers Included.


Small business owners need more than software, online or off-line, they need real business services to get things done. That is how WinWeb has seen the SME market for a decade now.

WinWeb’s OnlineOffice Suite is the most comprehensive office online and includes, online small business accounting software, invoicing, business planning, web & online shop builder and hosting, online data vault and backup, to name but a few.

WinWeb’s OnlineOffice Pro has always been about added real business services, delivered online. Now Winweb has upgraded OnlineOffice Pro to include bookkeeping services, to help small business owners to focus more on business and less on business admin. Receipts are simply uploaded with a scanner or fax machine and then booked inside OnlineOffice small business accounting module for you.

Any client sales have already been booked automatically inside OnlineOffice, with this additional service the bookkeeping loop is now closed. The bookkeeping services are performed by WinWeb Accredited Bookkeepers & Accountants.

Other OnlineOffice Pro functionality includes:

  • 100GB Online Secure File Sharing & Backup
  • Unlimited One2One tuition & training with screen sharing
  • Full OnlineOffice Technical Setup & Admin
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Comprehensive Online Marketing – via newsletter, PR online, blog and social media.

This will allow any home & small business owner to focus on making money and on spending time on unproductive admin like bookkeeping and other time-consuming business tasks.

Find out more @ WinWeb OnlineOffice Pro.

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