Green credentials of SaaS put to the test

One of the main benefits we always stress about OnlineOffice and on-demand software in general is how environmentally friendly it is. There was an excellent article recently at Software Advice where they conducted some tests to see if a SaaS solution would really have much effect on the amount of energy consumed. They used a medical practice for the purpose of this test and compared traditional record-keeping software stored on a local server with a cloud computing alternative hosted at a data centre. 

The result was an impressive 93% reduction in overall energy consumption for a four physician practice – and that was before they had even factored in the energy savings that can be achieved through telecommuting, using low-powered basic computers and being free of packaging or bulky instruction manuals. 

WinWeb takes climate change seriously so we actually go one step further than this with our Climatebyte technology. OnlineOffice is completely carbon neutral because we plant trees when we need to deploy new servers. 


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