Martha Lane Fox on Digital Inclusion as a Route out of Poverty.

I usually talk about – or rant more like – about why business needs to be online to save money, time and often their business, especially during economic downturns like these. But what about your everyday consumer?

Martha Lane Fox, best known as the co-founder of, did a study with PWC and came up with some brutal numbers on how the everyday household can save hundreds of pounds and earn thousand more per year. Rather than me repeating it all here find out more on the BBCs Website. She has done an excellent job with this – you can’t afford not to see this.

And if you are still in a ‘business’ frame of mind, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much money does my business lose because I don’t use enough online technology?
  2. How much can my customers save when they come to my website?
  3. How much better would my business do considering the savings in money and time, and increased turnover by using online technology?

Find out more @

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