Blog Action Day ’09: Climate Change – Questions


Today is this years ‘Blog Action Day ’09: Climate Change’. The more ‘seasoned’ followers of mine will know that I participate on my blog every year, this year being no exception.
What is an exception this year is the fact that climate change does concern us all, and it is fair to say our planet is in deep trouble. To get a sense of how deep in trouble we all are you only have to read some of the other very good posts written world-wide on this day about climate change.
Let me put a little business spin on all of this and like most people I have far more questions than answers. When will we understand that all natural resources are the property of all of us:

  • when the sea or a river is polluted by a ‘business’, does this really increase our GDP?
  • when we allow senseless de-forestation, does this really increase our GDP?
  • how many of us get ill or even die every year because of environmental pollution?
  • why is our world-population still growing, when we are too many humans already?
  • why are we still using carbon fuel when we have technologies that could make a difference?

Some may say all of the possible solutions are not economical, question is, what will the final cost will be if we do not solve these issues? I am sure that the bill will not only be presented in monetary terms but in unprecedented loss of human & animal life. Bio diversity is not something ‘nice’ to have, it is essential for human life, think about the problems with our insects and especially bees?

I’m sure there are many more relevant questions to be asked, please leave them as a comment to this or any other post written about climate change.

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