New Campaign Releases “Pool of Talented Parents” to Business


A new campaign has launched to encourage businesses to tap into the massive pool of talent that is available from parents looking for flexible work.

The Supporting Parents In Business campaign highlights to businesses that many highly skilled professionals have chosen to spend more time at home raising their children – but still want to earn an income in a flexible working environment.

The campaign is being run by the parents’ association and is partnered by WinWeb, providers of online business software and services to small businesses and home workers.

Supporting Parents in Business encourages businesses to access the skills that parents can provide by posting flexible jobs and projects online, free of charge. Parents are then able to assess those tasks they are best placed to fulfil and apply to the business involved.

The big idea is to let businesses get very high quality work done by parents working from home,” said Steve Pritchard, co-founder of Many people put their careers on hold to bring up children, which can be a huge waste of the skills they have spent years acquiring. This campaign encourages businesses to offer their projects to talented people who will do a great job; they just need to work flexibly.”

Stefan Töpfer, chairman and CEO of WinWeb, added: “WinWeb is about enabling people and businesses to maximise their potential. “Home working parents represent a huge pool of talent that businesses are under-utilising, meaning that both the parents and the businesses are working less efficiently than they could. It is right that many parents decide that raising their child is their major priority, however, this campaign offers those parents a flexible way to earn an income as well as maintaining their career skills. At the same time businesses can tap into a talent base that they haven’t previously been able to access, giving them top quality skills at economic prices.”

Throughout the campaign businesses can post full time, part time, casual, job share, temp/contract, freelance and work at home jobs, along with home based business and self employment opportunities, all at no cost. Business taking part will be able to display the Supporting Parents in Business campaign badge on promotional materials.

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