Small Business World News Round-up – 2009/11/10

Here is this week’s news round-up for home business, micro business, sole-traders, freelancers, self-employed and any one who is interested in small business news from around the world.

US Home & Small Business News Roundup

Canada Home & Small Business News Roundup

  • Niche Marketing Keys: Niche marketing is a common path to small business success. No large retailer can be all things to all people, and there are always going to be segments of the population whose needs for particular products and/or services are going unmet. Learn how your small business can capitalize on these unmet needs and find and master your own niche market.
  • Don’t wait to Invoice: The quicker you invoice, the quicker your chances of getting paid. And shortening your cash flow conversion period is one of the quickest and easiest things a business can do to improve its cash flow.
  • Think Global, sell local: As the North American economy transforms in the wake of the economic crisis, the power of place will prove to be ever more important for a broad range of small businesses.
  • How to Make Social Media Useful: Lisa Barone reports that a Citibank and Gfk Roper study found that 76 percent of small business owners don’t find social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn helpful in generating leads and business.

Australia Home & Small Business News Roundup

  • Government toughens up Franchising Code with new reforms: Federal Small Business Minister Craig Emerson has moved to protect franchisees from bullying by franchisors by toughening the Franchising Code and strengthening the unconscionable conduct regulations…
  • Aussie jobs outsourced for $2 an hour: PERSONAL assistants on the other side of the world are working for as little as $2 an hour for Australian small businesses
  • SMEs shouldn’t fear new eWaste scheme: SMEs will not be hurt from a new eWaste scheme that will see manufacturers and importers join a Government register in order to cut down the amount of electronic equipment…
  • The double blow for SMEs: Buried in the Reserve Bank summary of what is taking place in Australia is a nasty development and yesterday I saw it being played out. If that nasty development continues…

UK & Ireland Home & Small Business News Roundup

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