UK Election 2010: An Uncertain Future for Small Business


The UK Election was held on the 6th May 2010 – and here we are, the 11th May, will still no way out of the political wilderness that we currently find ourselves in. We have an unelected Prime Minister in power, with a party the British Public have lost faith in residing in the cabinet. In my opinion the way the political parties have been behaving since 6th May has represented everything that politics should not be; manipulative, scheming and underhanded.

The Liberal Democrats and Labour are offering us political reform, and there is talk of a system of Proportional Representation; and in the same breath people are saying what a mess this Hung Parliament is. But under a system of Proportional Representation this is the situation many countries find themselves in – with the smallest party holding a considerable amount of power. At a time when the economy is spiralling out of controlling, and our British credit rating plummeting in the wake of electoral uncertainty, electoral reform has somehow managed to take centre stage – surely our politicians should be focused on our economy; rather than highjacking the political landscape to make their demands on peripheral issues.

On Friday the Conservatives entered in to discussions with the Liberal Democrats in good faith, but in my opinion this looks like it was a red herring to save the Liberal Democrats’ reputation when they move on to discussion with the Labour Party. It seems that there were secret meetings between the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party that the Conservatives unaware – in my view this suggests a level of dishonesty from Nick Clegg’s party that wreaks back to Old-Style party politics and all that was wrong with it.

I am deeply concerned about SME’s in the UK who, in the past, have been penalised and punished by Labour, not least by the Capital Gains adjustment from 10-18% that is placed on the value of their business. This will undoubtedly continue as the Labour Party in the past, in my view, have a record of misguided policies and actions. Not least:

– The multi-billion pound loss on the sales of the UK Gold reserves, which was overseen by Gordon Brown.

– The continuous involvement of politicians in the war in Iraq – Jack Straw lied to the UK, World and UN Security Council about the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Iraq. This shows a party ethic that I certainly want no part in.

– The Labour Party reform of the Lords with breathtaking announcements of peerages to House of Lords for Peter Mandelson and Alan Sugar, plus numerous other dubious appointing.

– The continued promises for small businesses funding when the Labour Party couldn’t even get the UKs’s books to balance.

– Dragging UK politics in to the gutter and running it through the media desk rooms.

In my opinion the Liberal Democrats fell at the first hurdle by allegedly deceiving the Conservative during their negotiations and secretly meeting with Labour. This displays old style politics, not the new way of anti-sleaze politics that Nick Clegg promised. I believe that this is full of the sleaze and underhand dealings that British Politics should be trying to avoid.

I believe that only the Conservative Party can help small and family business – these businesses account for 90% of businesses in the UK, 50% employment and 50% and GDP in the economy. These businesses have and will be ignored a Lib-Lab coalition. Although, I believe that it may be the best for the Conservative party if the Liberal Democrats don’t accept their offer allowing the Conservatives to walk away from this today and end this ridiculous horse trading. The aim now has to be for the UK to hold a General Election, and soon.

Any so-called ‘Rainbow Coalition’ can never be stable or work in the best interests of the UK. The fabrication of such a coalition is, I believe, a complete disgrace and certainly not in the interest of the electorate, as England will pay a heavy price for the support of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in a Rainbow coalition whose only purpose is to hold office and who, in my opinion, will quite happily sell the country out in order to get in to power.

As many of my readers will know I come from Germany, a country that has been limping from coalition to coalition, with some of the best councillors having been ousted by a minority party. The damage that can be caused by this can be devastating for the economy and the country in general.

My fear is that many of the political elite are simply not telling the truth about what it would be like to live under a coalition and the reality of Proportional Representation. The market reaction that has happened this morning, with the pound plummeting, has shown the economic ramifications that come from an uncertain political landscape.

I usually avoid getting involved in politics, as I believe that it is murky at best, but this ridiculous behaviour by our so-called leaders has irritated me to such a level that I feel compelled to speak out about my fear for the future, especially for what the future may bring for SME’s.

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