A Personal Invitation to the Launch of The Business Incubation Centre, Luton

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Knowing where to begin when starting your business is one of the most difficult things for a would-be entrepreneur. That is why I want to invite you to the launch of Incubator Units for Start-Up Businesses at The Business Competitiveness Centre.

Incubator Units are purposefully designed to help start-up companies survive during the period that they are most vulnerable. This includes management assistance and technical support services.

WinWeb.com are proud to be involved in the Bedfordshire and Luton Chamber of Commerce’s new Incubator Units for Start-Up Businesses. If you choose to join the Incubation Centre through WinWeb you will receive a 3-hour free business consultation with Lindsay Tappin, our WinWeb Ecommerce Expert for Hertfordshire.

The launch for these units will be held at The Business Competitiveness Centre, Luton on Thursday 24th June at 2pm. I’ll be speaking about starting out in business and WinWeb’s products and services, including how they could help your business. I will then be on hand to offer advice in an informal setting.

Not only will you get excellent advice and support from our WinWeb team, but if you sign up for the Incubation Centre through our WinWeb eCommerce specialist, Lindsay, then you will get 3 months use of the Incubation Centre free.

Email lindsayATlocal.winweb.com to find out more details, and for your own personal invitation. I look forward to seeing you there!

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