Being In Business Means Being Online


It is my belief that in order to succeed, businesses should have a distinct online presence. Being online enables small businesses to sell to customers across the country, even around the world, not limiting their customer base to those just around their chimneybreast.

I have spoken before about small businesses that want to stay small, and know that growth isn’t necessarily the measurement of success for small business owners. However, having a business website is not necessarily just about growth; it can be about maximizing your potential as a small business, no matter if your business is you selling cupcakes from you kitchen, or running an office with 10 staff.

People often say to me that their small business doesn’t have a website as it’s too complicated, takes up too much time or is too expensive. None of these problems have to be true; with the importance that websites hold for small businesses in mind, have designed a range of one page websites, fully designed and populated with content, and that can be online in 30 minutes. All you as a small business owner is to do is choose your design, and provide details of your business.

Your business being online is about more that having a website though; having an online presence includes activities such as blogging, social networking and having active discussions with people within your arena. Increasing awareness of your business this way costs nothing but time, and can actually be fun!

As I have mentioned previously, I am looking to help small businesses to hold conversations, engage with each other and learn from what is happening in the big business world. It is for these reasons that when I was asked to contribute on I eagerly accepted; knowing that there is much that small businesses can learn from the big businesses on the Nasdaq.

My articles on the Nasdaq will focus on commentary and comparisons between how big businesses are acting and performing and the ramifications and lessons that are in these activities for small businesses. I hope you will join in the discussion; I hope to see you there!

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