Using LinkedIn To Boost Your Prospects


The world as we know it is changing; and, more pertinent to business owners is the way that business is changing. Gone are the days when we all sat in cubicles, working 9-5, using paid advertisement to grow our companies and traditional CV’s to get jobs.

An increasing number of employers are using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to check the credentials of potential employees; due to the professional nature of LinkedIn it is this that is often the basis of an employer’s research in to potential job candidates.

However, not only is LinkedIn now being used to assess potential employees; it is also being used to find them in the first place. Here are some useful tips on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage when on the hunt for a job:

Connections – LinkedIn is useless without connections. Connect with as many previous clients and people that you have done business with as possible; make these connections meaningful by sending messages to ask how people are getting on, and making recommendations. Build your network before you need it, because you never know when it might come in handy.

Get Recommended – One of the best aspects of LinkedIn for recruiters in the presence of recommendations. Strong recommendations show that you are respected and valued within your area; these are particularly useful if you have been recently made redundant. A glowing recommendation from a previous employer speaks volumes!

Join groups – Make sure you join groups that are targeted to your area of expertise; and if someone asks a question, wow the other group members with your answer. You never know, a potential employer might be reading.

Look out for job vacancies – this may sound obvious but if there is a specific company you are interested in working in be sure to check their LinkedIn profile regularly for job updates and listings.

Keep it professional – Remember that your LinkedIn profile is public, and as such should be used accordingly. Keep your profile completely professional and it could pay dividends when potential employers look you up.

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