Does Your Small Business Have A Growth Strategy?

Shoots of small business

Whether you are currently running a small business that you are looking to expand or you are running a ‘lifestyle’ business to suit you and your family growth and reputation are imperative. Even if you are not looking to grow your business in the traditional sense, growth of your brand is still necessary to ensure a regular customer base and the ability for your business to provide you with the income and lifestyle you want.

Is it a flawed concept of growth that means that some small businesses, which are not looking to expand think that any opportunity that facilitates growth is not for them. To the contrary, I believe that growth, in terms of expanding your business’ reputation, building customer loyalty and finding new customers, is essential to any business – whether you are looking to expand in to new markets or become established in your niche.

Aggressive growth strategies are not necessary for the majority of lifestyle businesses, but what is necessary is customer service, word of mouth and online presence in order to safeguard the future of your business.

In order to ensure that your small or lifestyle business offers security for you and your family customer service is your most powerful weapon – it is customer service that will not only keep loyal customers coming back, but also spread the word about your business. Even if you are not looking to expand your business this is vital to ensure regular and consistent turnover; it is much easier to apologize to customers when you are busy, than it is to hunt for customers when your turnover is flailing.

Even if you are not looking to expand your business you should still have a plan in place in order to allow your business to develop in to a reliable, secure business that you, and your customers, can rely on.

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