A Great T-Mobile Competition With A £2000 Prize!

Business Competition

Mobile Phone Company, T-Mobile, is offering small businesses the chance to win £2000, with just 140 characters. In their latest competition, T-Mobile are asking small businesses to submit 140 characters about what makes their business great, to their website. These entries will then be judged and the winner will receive £2000 for their business.

The T-Mobile competition also has 2 £1000 runner-up prizes available – enough to make a real difference to your small business.

As you’ll already have your ‘elevator pitch’ written, why not take the opportunity to enter WinWeb’s Pitch of the Week at the same time? With a new winner receiving some great, free, online marketing every week, even if you don’t win the £2000 T-Mobile prize, you might just win some great publicity!

Great prizes and all are up for grabs by writing just 140 characters about your business. Give it a go!

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