Book Review: Rare Business by Adrian Swinscoe

bucket w-holeRunning a business is one of those things like driving a car, when you sit behind the wheel and start the engine you usually know where you are going. For some reason with all the changes in our business lives, such as the rise of social media, traditional marking failing rapidly and the importance of cloud computing and small business infrastructure, some business owners find it difficult to navigate to business success.

Adrian Swinscoe’s book – Rare Business – is a road map for anyone in business today; big, small and micro business entrepreneurs alike will find this book a relevant and even thrilling read. It seems to me that Adrian has managed to create a jargon free and back-to-business book covering fundamental business needs and know-how, incorporating all these confusing new business paradigms. He deals with cash-flow and new business problems by likening them to the good old “There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza”, you may remember it from your childhood – Adrian calls this:

“The Hole in My Bucket” Syndrome.

The three main pillars of the book centre around customer focus, your people and your leadership. He develops a most compelling narrative that allows you to refocus your business on your customers, and people, with the focus always brought back to how this will bring you business success. Customers are not only great repeat customers, they are great sales people for your business, and better still they don’t cost you a penny! Adrian makes this notion relevant in the Social Media Age, by likening it to online word-of-mouth marketing.

You will put this book down and think, ” Could it really be that easy?” In my opinion it is really can be that easy. What a great read, I loved it.

PS. I have a second signed copy by the author to give away to one of my readers. To win, just leave a comment on why you think customers focus is so important – the best comment will win the copy of this great book. If you’re not lucky to win this copy of the book, it is available to buy from Adrian’s website here.

Disclosure: Yours truly is interview in this book, which makes it even more valuable of course 😉

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