Customer Service – The Small Business Advantage!

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Customer service is one of the few great advantages that a small business has over a larger competitor. Although they are unlikely to be able to compete on price, they have the potential to provide a far more personalised and caring customer care experience. All that they need to do this better than the competition are the right tools and well trained staff.

Without the correct customer service tools, it can be diffficult for any small business to cope. Even a few support enquiries per day can soon add up to a mountain of correspondance that is simply to big and confusing to deal with. This is especially difficult if you share customer service responsibilities with other members of staff. Unfortunately, if a member of your team who has been dealing with a client enquiry is off sick, it is likely that no-one else will know anything about it.

The solution to these problems is for a small business to start using Helpdesk software to manage their customer service function. The problem with this is that most of the Helpdesk software currently on the market is too expensive for the average small business owner to purchase. The new Projects & Tickets software from WinWeb is a more affordable option for small businesses that want low-cost Helpdesk software and are not willing to compromise on features.

The latest update to WinWeb Projects & Tickets now allows even greater flexibility to the user, allowing you to work collaboratively with your staff to solve customer problems. The software now has a Ticketing dashboard that allows you to get a quick overview of ticket status. Other additions include the use of parent and child tickets, full ticket history, a powerful search function and customisable support emails.

For a complete list of changes to the Projects & Tickets software, click here.

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