Debunking SEO Myths


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most effective methods of driving traffic towards a website. I have written about SEO before, but one aspect that I haven’t touched on is the amount of misdirection and confusion that surrounds the topic.

Small businesses often mistakenly believe that they will need a separate page on their website that is dedicated to SEO. This is incorrect, because in order for SEO to have maximum impact you will need to incorporate it cleverly into every aspect of your website design. SEO landing pages are ineffective and can even lead to your website being penalised or banned from certain search engines.

Another mistake is thinking that each page on your website can only be optimised for one keyword phrase. However, you can actually optimise a page using 3-5 keywords and increase your targeted website traffic even more. Writing a page that focuses only on one keyword will be more difficult and will appear unnatural and too obvious.

People also believe that in order to become optimised, you cannot use Flash. You will actually not be penalised at all for including Flash on your website, although obviously you should not display important content in this format and certain mobile devices will not support it at all.

In addition, there is no real difference between text and image links when it comes to SEO. Even since the early days of the search engines they have been able to index image links – just make sure that you use the same terms that you would use in anchor text links in the image alt attribute text (alt tags).

Similarly, it is only a website design myth that you cannot include tables in your code. HTML tables are also easily detected by websites and any designer that tells you otherwise is simply not telling the truth.

Finally another important myth to remember that there is no official accreditation body for SEO companies. There are courses that can be taken, but these will only award certificates of completion. Any company claiming to be the number one SEO provider has no real proof and any title they display has been purchased.

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