Say “Thank You” – It’s Good For Business!

Your business may get referrals from other customers or friends, this after all is the best way to grow a business, by “Word of Mouth”!

No matter how this happens – online or off-line – it is something to be grateful and thankful for – right? Question, when was the last time you called that referring client and made a point of saying, “thank you for your referral”? Or send a thank you email, left a bottle of wine?

It is not only good manners, but very good business too. Remember, people may not remember what you said or even what you did the last time they spoke to you or met you, but they will remember how you made them feel!

If happy and referring customers feel appreciated, as they have every right to be, they become your company evangelists and that …..

….. is very good for business!

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