The Rise Of The Tablets

Ever since the launch of the Apple iPad sales in other computers have taken a hit, especially notebook computers.


Given the ease of use, weight and dimensions, this is hardly surprising. When the iPad was announced we at WinWeb made the decision to make our new apps work natively in the Apple iPad browser. With that we continue in the tradition of true cloud computing applications that you do not have to install any software, all you need is a browser.

A whole raft of new tablets are available today and more are being announced. Focus have created a nice infographic about the development of the tablet market looking into the future – just click on it to see it bigger.

I think that tablets are ideal small business IT tools, especially if you use cloud applications to run your business. Some of the benefits are long battery life, high security (remote wipe and locate), easy online software updates, to name but a few.

Many are not only Wi-Fi enabled but also 3G ready, meaning you can take them on the road (or the beach) and still be in business, totally hassle free. I think you should have a look at them as a serious small business tool.

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